Why Hire a Virtual Assistant

Why should you hire a virtual assistant, and why should that virtual assistant be me?

Well, hiring a virtual assistant makes a lot of sense for three main reasons:

Saves Time

You are probably incredibly busy. Running a business or practice is hard work! There are so many moving pieces, including, but not limited to doing the thing that you actually love.

Unfortunately, you cannot do it all. However, you can do some of it and a virtual assistant can help you out with the rest. Delegating tasks, especially recurring ones, frees you up to focus on client development and growth. Hiring a virtual assistant to make sure your social media presence is strong, ensures that you are visible in the increasingly online marketplace, but that you are not spending all your time on Facebook!

Saves Money

On the face of it, spending money on a virtual assistant may not seem like it will save you money. However, if we have established that you have more tasks than hours in a day, a virtual assistant may be much better than hiring an employee.

Why is that? Firstly, since you are a client and not an employer, you do not have to pay for things such as EI and CPP, an office space, equipment and training. Those things add up quickly!!! Since a virtual assistant is already an expert in the field, they will be ready to go on day one!

Support Sudden Needs

You may not need ongoing assistance. You may just need assistance on a project or for a period of time. Maybe you want to go away this summer and need a little help to make sure that you get some true, “put your phone down”, vacation time. Hiring an employee does not make sense in that scenario.

However, with a virtual assistant, it is flexible. Whether you need me for a couple hours or for the rest of your business life, I can assist you.

So, why hire me?

As the child of an entrepreneur, I have grown up seeing firsthand how much hard work goes into a business. Additionally, I have grown up supporting and assisting that same business.

My professional and volunteer experience has covered a broad range of fields, from large law firms to municipal government, construction and more! I have a well-rounded knowledge base and take every opportunity to continue to learn. You will find that I strive for, and achieve, excellence in every task that I set out to do. I am dependable, pleasant to work with and love helping others’ dreams become realities.

You can experience for yourself the benefits when you hire a virtual assistant. Contact me today for a consultation to see how I can assist you!

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